Revolution Purple Small Dogs under 5-10lbs (2.3-4.5kg) - 3 Pack
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-Revolution Purple Small Dogs 3 Pack. Created specifically for the extra small dog, (5.1 or 10 lbs.) Just like the Revolution brand’s Blue counterpart for cats, the Purple 3 pack for dogs is a multidimensional and comprehensive treatment for a variety of pet ailments

  • Heartworm
  • Ear mites
  • Hookworm and roundworm in cats only
  • Sarcoptic mange in dogs only
  • Fleas--adults, eggs, and larvae
  • Biting lice
  • Controls American Dog Tick infestations (Dermacentor Variabilis)

-This is an excellent tool in the fight against a myriad of the common parasites that attack the fuzziest of your companions, and no multiple pet household should be without it.

-One box contains 3 pack.

  • Condition: New

Revolution Purple Small Dogs under 5-10lbs (2.3-4.5kg) - 3 Pack

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